BusinessMembership Annual Dues
Business Size: 1-2 employees$255
Business Size: 3-10 employees$380
Business Size: 11-50 employees$570
Business Size: 51-100 employees$945
Business Size: 101-250 employees$1,510
Business Size: 251-500 employees$2,260
Business Size: 501+ employees$2,840
Non-Profit Organization (Budget up to $500,000, for budget over $500,000, same as for-profit business)$200

Corporate Sponsorship 

AACC provides a link to Asian & Pacific business communities in Greater Washington area. It’s a great platform for corporation to reach out to local asian & pacific market.

Asians account for the second largest group of minority entrepreneurs (behind Hispanics), but Asian owned businesses bring in more cash than other minority businesses. While Asian firms make up 30% of all minority companies, they generate over 52% of the total revenues from all minority businesses. Over 50% of all minority-owned businesses whose sales exceeded one million dollars were Asian American owned.

By sponsoring AACC, you can tap into the underutilized Asian American business community.

Please check out the Sponsorship Guide 2023


Cindy Shao at

or 571-633-9754 for details.

Please note all fees are not refundable